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Exceptional dogs — Exceptional people

Breeding and competing are more than hobbies — they're ways of life. Pro Club shares your commitment to your dogs, celebrates your achievements, recognizes your expertise and supports your journey toward further success.

About Pro Club

Purina Tools

Spread the word

Use these tools to share your knowledge and expertise with other dog breeders and organizations. Download a media kit, request puppy tools and redeem Purina Points.


Resource Library

Your information quest

Our collection of research, articles and videos about health, genetics, conditioning and nutrition can help you create more winning moments for you and your dogs.



We’re right there with you

From Purina-sponsored events to the Purina® Pro Plan® Champions Cup, we support your journey to success. Find Purina representatives at upcoming events.


Why Purina?

Championing nutrition for decades

With more than 80 years of research and innovation, Purina’s “nutrition first” approach to dog food ensures safe, high-quality ingredients that benefit your dogs from head to tail.

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