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With more than 80 years of research and innovation, see why Purina is a leader in results-driven dog nutrition, performance and well-being.

Nestlé Purina PetCare Product Technology Centers

The global Purina Research & Development network is staffed with several hundred dedicated and experienced scientists and professionals. Pet nutrition and health are their key areas of focus.

Purina’s Commitment to Research

Purina is committed to innovation and consistent delivery of high-quality nutrition. Our research and development network is comprised of pet nutritionists, veterinarians, food scientists, animal behaviorists, chemists, engineers and technicians. In addition, Purina is developing new products that help manage specific health concerns, such as weight management, diabetes, food allergies and dental health.

Purina’s research goes beyond nutrition

R&D doesn’t stop with innovative nutrition. Purina is investing in new technologies and processes to manufacture pet foods that are leading-edge in nutrition, palatability, quality and safety for dogs and cats. Our scientists continuously explore new ways to ensure that raw ingredients meet rigid quality standards, that there’s consistency in manufacturing and that products are fresh and palatable for your dogs.

Purina Nutrition Research

Research programs and nutritional strategies help develop innovative new products and make important advances in pet health and well-being. Nutrition research focuses on key areas in pet nutrition, resulting in an abundance of patents, peer-reviewed publications and peer-reviewed publications that reference Purina published research.

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