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Purina supports the activities and interests of dog breeders, enthusiasts and owners through a variety of programs, partnerships and events.

Purina® Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

Since 2002, thousands of fellow dog breeders and enthusiasts have declared their participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program. This program allows national parent breed clubs to individually earn funding based on Purina weight circle submissions by Pro Club® members.

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Purina Parent Club

Each year, Purina sponsors more than 200 conformation events --including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show, presented by Purina --as well as more than 400 sporting dog events where Pro Club members can connect with other dog breeders, experts and enthusiasts.

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National Breed Clubs

To help advance breed excellence, as well as superb dog breeding, care and health programs, Purina supports national breed clubs in their national specialty dog shows, rescue programs, futurity/maturity programs, educational efforts, youth programs and annual conventions.

Purina Tools

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Use these tools to share your knowledge and expertise with other dog breeders and organizations. Download a media kit, request puppy tools and redeem Purina Points.

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