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Purina® brand foods are scientifically developed to optimize your dog’s overall health and performance. Review our portfolio of participating Pro Club brands that fuel your dogs through each life stage.

Purina® Pro Plan®

Purina® Pro Plan® provides an excellent nutrition for those who want specialized and great tasting food for their dog. Through continuous research, our team or over 400 scientists, including nutritionists, veterinarians and behaviorists, delivers advanced canine nutrition year after year. Discover which formula is right for your dog and his unique nutritional needs.

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Promote Alertness and Mental Sharpness in Dogs 7+

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Outstanding Nutrition and Taste for Everyday Excellence

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Specialized Nutrition for Unique Needs

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Fine-Tuned Nutrition to Promote Strength and Endurance

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Carefully Chosen Ingredients for Outstanding Nutrition

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Are you looking to feed your dog a Purina® Pro Plan® Formula?

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The Purina® Dog Chow® family of products is formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition, including 100% of the essential nutrients and high quality protein to help support a healthy, active dog at each life stage.

All Purina® Puppy Chow® formulas are made to nourish growing puppies and their changing bodies. With 100% of the essential nutrients to help support a healthy, active life; DHA, Vitamins and Minerals also found in mothers’ milk; and high-quality protein for growing muscles, all of the Purina® Puppy Chow® formulas are complete and balanced for a puppy’s unique nutritional needs.

Purina ONE® SMARTBlend® dry dog food has smart nutrition to support your dog’s whole body health. Real meat, poultry or fish is the number 1 ingredient in all of our formulas. All of our products are made with the flavors they love and the high-quality protein they need.

FortiFlora® is a proven nutritional supplement that helps restore intestinal health and balance while promoting a strong immune system.

Specialized nutrition makes a difference in your dog’s performance and health. Every unique Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets formula is backed by scientific research and Purina’s own expertise.

A whole line of natural pet food made from recognizable ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers and crafted to deliver the nourishments pets need and nothing they don't.

  • Real meat, fish or poultry is the #1 ingredient in dry and paté
  • No corn, wheat or soy
  • No poultry by-product meal
  • No added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

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