World-Class Nutrition

Purina has earned a reputation for world-class quality and nutrition. With top scientists and researchers continually developing foods that provide a comprehensive nutritional foundation, Purina is shaping the future of cat care.

Research & Innovation

Purina invests heavily in research and development, is committed to innovation and provides consistent delivery of high-quality nutrition. Our research and development network is comprised of pet nutritionists, veterinarians, food scientists, animal behaviorists, chemists, engineers, and technicians.

Our scientists also explore new ways to ensure that raw ingredients meet rigid quality standards, that there’s consistency in manufacturing and that products are fresh and palatable.

Our Legacy

Purina’s strong reputation for unsurpassed quality and nutrition can be attributed to Donald Danforth, son of Purina founder William H. Danforth. Donald Danforth realized that dedicating a research facility to nutritional studies was the key to creating excellent pet food.

The global Purina Research & Development network is staffed with several hundred dedicated scientists and professionals, and pet nutrition and health are key areas of focus. Teams of experienced pet nutritionists and small-animal veterinarians work with product development scientists to create new pet food items that consistently deliver high-quality nutrition. In addition, Purina uses cutting-edge technologies to develop new products that address specific health concerns such as weight management, diabetes, food allergies and dental health.

The Purina Pet Institute is one of the most comprehensive initiatives dedicated to pet health and well-being. There, Purina scientists are shaping the future of pet care by advancing and enhancing the overall quality of life for cats and dogs. Every scientific study, innovation and company program is geared toward bettering the lives of pets.

Our Products

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